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Monday, May 4, 2015

Construction Gross Value Added as a Percentage of GDP Has Now Surpassed Its Asian Financial Crisis Peak!

Last September 29, 2014, we noted that Construction Gross Value Added (Construction GVA) at 11.20% as of the 1st Semester of 2014 was already well above its historical average of 9.48% of GDP since 1990.  This ratio has run at an above average rate since 2009 and has already eaten away at the "cumulative underhang" or underinvestment in construction that has taken place since 2004, when the excessive investment in construction that took place in the mid to late 1990's was being absorbed.

As of year-end 2014, Construction GVA as a percentage of GDP now stands slightly higher at 11.21% of GDP.  But the real story is that Cumulative Construction GVA has gone well above equilibrium and now stands at 1.2% above equilibrium, a rise of 0.8% in just nine months.  Given all the planned new projects that are already at the execution stage, the momentum in Construction Investment will continue.

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