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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Where are the Imbalances in Philippine Construction?

In our last post, Construction Gross Value as a Percentage of GDP Is at a 25 Year High! - Updated as of 4th Qtr. 2016, we came up with a chart showing this:

As of year-end 2016, this ratio stood at 12.22%, a 25-year high since 1990 and significantly higher than the average construction gross value ratio of 9.65% of GDP throughout this period. Now where are the imbalances taking place?

You'd be surprised by the results. No, not in Metro Manila or anywhere near there. As of the latest available data in 2015, Western Visayas tops the list at 23.86%, almost double the national average of 11.55%. So does Bicol, of all places. Why is that? We don't know. But we aim to find out soon enough.

Source: Philippine Statistics Authority

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